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The Master of My Destiny

My Student Journey

"Manchidi Bangaru... ekkadikayna vellu… kani service cheyyi!!

(Go wherever you want to go – but do service)."

These words echoed in my mind as I boarded my first transatlantic flight to the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. They were the blessings Swami gave me when I sought His permission to leave India for higher studies abroad.

Never did I imagine, as I set out on that journey, that I would end up in Trinidad. It was Swami's divine play that led me to the Trinidad Embassy in India for a visa. There, while waiting, I casually picked up a Trinidadian newspaper. To my astonishment, it featured Swami's smiling picture and an article about Him. I was convinced Swami would be with me.

As the plane descended towards the tiny island, I pondered what Swami expected of me in this beautiful place. The initial days were filled with misery, having left my family and motherland. I questioned my decision but took solace in having consulted Bhagawan Himself.

I sought out the Sathya Sai Organization in Trinidad, clinging to the hope ignited by seeing Swami's picture in the paper. By Swami's grace, my work permit, which typically takes months to process, was ready within a month. When I went to take my photo for the car license, a young lady approached me and asked if I was a Sai Baba devotee, recalling seeing me at the Sai Centre. I had not been there yet, but she connected me with Mr. Rajendra Bansi, the convener of the north zone of the Sri Sathya Sai Organization.

I started attending satsangs and medical camps. The love I received from the Sai organization was immense. They asked me to share my experiences with Bhagwan, which led to a radio interview about my time in Puttaparthi.

Being a Sai student was an honor, and the expectations were high. Swami once advised, "It's not a problem if you don't get marks… but never get remarks!" His words were a constant reminder to uphold the institute's reputation.

My time in Trinidad was blessed, and the Sai family became my own. My connection to Swami deepened during those two years. Now in the UK, working at a prestigious hospital in London, I often recall Swami's words from an interview: "The whole world is in my hand… all that you have to do is hold on to the other hand and I shall give you whatever you deserve."

Reflecting on my journey, I was once a city-bred schoolboy, more interested in cricket than studies. It was my parents' devotion that brought me to Swami, who, during an interview when I was in the 8th standard, predicted my weakness in mathematics and urged me to focus on my studies and listen to my parents.

My life took a turn after that interview. I worked just hard enough to pass my pre-finals in the 10th standard. With Swami's grace, I secured a seat in the higher secondary school at Puttaparthy. From barely passing exams to scoring 90.4% in my 12th standard, becoming a doctor was a testament to Swami's transformative education system.

Many ask what Swami gave me. I always say His greatest gift was His LOVE and the transformation in my life. I often wonder, "Is my life a gift to HIM?"

I'll conclude with a personal story. My mother dreamt she was attacked and cried out to Swami, who then appeared and the attacker fled. Weeks later, my father survived a car accident without a scratch after praying to Swami. This is our Swami, capable of anything for us, HIS children.

I am left with nothing but gratitude...

"Jeevan daatha... Bhagya vidhaatha... Yuga Yuga Vandan Sai... Yuga Yuga Vandan Sai."

"O Bestower of Life! O Master of my Destiny! I bow down to You!"

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Every write up is the reflection of your love for the path 🙏


Wonderful experiences Ananth. thanks for sharing

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