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Reflecting on the Genesis of My Spiritual Journey...

Updated: May 5

Traversing through the corridors of my past, I vividly recall a defining moment at the tender age of 11, which ignited the flame of my spiritual search.

During that period, I experienced intense, involuntary tremors along my spinal column. The meaning of these sensations eluded me then, only to be comprehended later as the spontaneous awakening of Kundalini — a concept utterly alien to my young mind.

It was in those formative years that I was introduced to the sacred scripture, Sri Sai Satcharita, and reestablished my bond with the Purna Avatar of Lord Dattatreya, Sri Sainath of Shirdi. Remarkably, my father, Sri Nalabanda Veerachari, became associated with a Dutta Peetham in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, synchronously.

Our family extends our deepest pranams and heartfelt gratitude to our beloved late father for guiding us to the sanctified presence of Sai Baba.

During this phase, I learned of a promise that Sainath Maharaj would manifest as an elderly man to those who earnestly sought his presence.

In my youthful mischief, I embarked on a minor rebellion, suggested by a peer — a ticketless journey on a bus, spanning merely two stops, from school to home.

Customarily, I would walk, thus my pockets were devoid of any fare.

That day, as fate would have it, the bus conductor approached me for my ticket. Upon my admission of having no money, he threatened to report me to the authorities.

In a state of sheer panic, aware of the potential disappointment of my parents, I silently beseeched Baba for deliverance. Amidst a tumult of thoughts, at the first stop, an elder in traditional attire boarded, approached me, inquired about my troubles, and generously paid my fare. With a heart full of thanks, I alighted at the following stop, the event forever etched in my memory.

A year hence, Baba's protection graced me anew. While bicycling home from tennis practice, narrowly escaping a collision with a bus, I credited my safety to Baba's unseen hand.

Though I always harbored gratitude for Baba's mercy, I had never before disclosed these episodes, questioning Baba's intervention in my insignifcant life.

At the age of 16, our family in Hyderabad was visited by two Himalayan Yogis. They bestowed blessings and left sacred offerings. They urged me to recall them upon my spiritual progression.

My life's path, replete with turns, eventually led me to Saipanth under the stewardship of Sri Ravindra Madhudi Bhaiya.

The tale of how I encountered my spiritual mentor, brother, and guide borders on the miraculous. Daily, I do parayan of a chapter of Sai Satcharita, invariably finding Baba's direction upon each book's completion.

In 2021, during a meditation following the Satcharita, Baba's voice directed me to reach out to 'Savitri', a name uttered thrice, yet unknown to me.

True to the Sai Satcharita's teachings, the one who instructs also paves the path. My joining of a spiritual group led to my introduction to Soma Di, and through her, Savitri Akka — a devout follower of Sai Baba, who has been a source of unwavering support and unconditional love.

Upon sharing these experiences, Bhaiya, with his mercy and compassion, affirmed that it was indeed Baba who had appeared in my time of need. When I doubted my worthiness of Baba's love, Bhaiya dispelled my uncertainties by recounting detailed descriptions of Baba's manifestations.

Inquiring why I merited Baba's profound affection, Bhaiya elucidated my destined role in Saipanth's divine journey. He further explained how my early spiritual endeavors led to the Kundalini's spontaneous ascent.

Regarding the Himalayan Monks, our paths crossed again during my initial Himalayan Yatra with Bhaiya (as recounted in my blog, "Himalayan Yatra I").

I remain eternally grateful to Baba for daily inspiring me to rediscover my true self under his guidance.


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Your Journaling skill is getting better and better with every post of yours. I look forward to reading your write ups now.

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