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Foot soaking

To enhance our comprehension of holistic health, it is essential to grasp the notion of chakras. These are crucial energy centers within us that are influenced by the five causal elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether. Our daily interactions, especially those colored by our thoughts and emotions, can tarnish these elements, and consequently our chakras. Analogous to a mirror losing its ability to reflect when coated with dust, our chakras can become clouded, resulting in various physical, emotional, and spiritual manifestations of imbalance.

Even those committed to spiritual growth and the practice of yoga sadhana can find themselves at a standstill, sidetracked by life's myriad demands. Such detours are not necessarily borne out of laziness but can obstruct the path back to consistent spiritual practice. Despite attempting meditation, entering a state of deep contemplation might be elusive. This raises an important question: How can one return effectively to a conducive state for meditation and resume their spiritual practices?


According to Bhayya, Foot soaking is an elegantly simple and yet deeply transformative technique to address this challenge. It acts as a potent instrument for dispelling mental, emotional, physical, and psychological imbalances, thus smoothing the transition back into a meditative state, much like returning to a familiar path.


The Practice of Foot Soaking:

  1. Location Selection: Find a quiet, clean space within the home, away from noise and disturbances.

  2. Soaking Solution Preparation: Utilize a small tub filled with lukewarm water, ensuring it is deep enough to cover the feet up to the ankles. The temperature of the water should be just right, neither too cold nor too hot, to promote relaxation and cleansing

  3. Crystal Salt Addition: Incorporate a significant amount of crystal salt into the water. Emphasize using crystallized, not powdered, salt for its enhanced purifying properties

  4. Soak and Unwind: Settle into a comfortable chair and submerge the feet in the prepared saline solution, allowing a period of relaxation for the mind and body, lasting around 10-12 minutes. Keep a vessel of clean water at hand for subsequent foot rinsing.

  5. Cleansing and Disposal: Post-soak, extract the feet from the basin and rinse them with fresh water, avoiding contact with the now negativity-laden used water.

  6. Water Disposal: Dispose of the used water thoughtfully into the toilet, flushing it away as a symbolic release of negative energies.

  7. Basin Cleaning: Meticulously cleanse the basin to eradicate any lingering residues, rendering it reusable for other purposes, thus ensuring it's devoid of any negative energies from the foot soaking process.


This foot soaking ritual is a testament to the profound effect simple actions can have on our spiritual path, facilitating a seamless reengagement with meditation and spiritual disciplines.

After completing Sahasrara Sadhana, such cleansing practices are invaluable. They clear the chakras and nadis, essential for those feeling dissonance from spiritual guidance, which can culminate in blocked energy channels. Foot soaking, when combined with Earthing, offers a comprehensive approach to wellness, harmonizing our physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

Delving into the nexus of spirituality and science reveals that practices like Earthing and foot soaking go beyond mere physical health. They resonate with age-old spiritual insights, such as those found in our ancient sacred texts which advocate for living in harmony with nature as a means to inner tranquility and wellbeing. These practices encourage a reevaluation of our bond with the elements of Earth and Water, recognizing them as dynamic, nurturing forces vital to our health and spiritual odyssey.

In adopting foot soaking, we acknowledge the intricate web of life, serving as a powerful reminder of our inherent ability to heal, find balance, and attune to the natural world. This integrative approach to health, which merges contemporary scientific understanding with timeless spiritual knowledge, inspires us to investigate novel methods to attain wellness in body and spirit.



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So well explained Doc.


Sairam Ananth. On lighter side, I will get my Pedicure done more often.

But on spiritual front, I would like to mention that i have our traditional habit of washing feet immediately after i return home .

Though i am not soaking, just washing feet after coming from outside, before meals, after using washroom the FEEL is same spiritually as mentioned in article.

It's heartening that Ravi Bhayyajis teachings are bringing forth our tradition with a radical approach .



As always explained perfect to the T....thx Doc !

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