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Siddhi's are not for sale!

Updated: Jun 14

It deeply saddens me to report that two more victims have come forward, revealing their experiences with a pseudo-guru who falsely claims to be the son of Shirdi Sai Baba. This self-proclaimed guru, who hides behind a facade of holiness, is a known fraudster involved in numerous scams and has been declared bankrupt in India. Exploiting in the name of spirituality, he continues to prey on innocent devotees of Sai Baba.

I want to highlight some points that expose the deceitfulness of his teachings. Recently, I listened to a podcast by Shri Rajashri Nandy discussing the principle of Adhikara. According to this principle, respect and grace from nature are earned through sincere sadhana, not granted indiscriminately.

Contrary to this, the pseudo-guru misleadingly assures his followers that by his grace, everyone can become equal, bypassing the necessary spiritual effort. True grace, however, is bestowed by nature only when one has earned it through dedicated practice. Please dont fall prey to this pseduoguru who claims he can bestow siddhi's by Baba's grace. Don't neglect your sadhana under the spell of his Vasikaran.

These fraudsters in the guise of guru misguide people, claiming that their past karmas can be cleansed through their blessings alone, and that divine grace can be attained by simply following them. They exploit the trust of their devotees, manipulating them for personal gain.

An example of their inconsistency and deceit is how one pseudo-guru labeled an elderly devotee of Sathya Sai Baba from Bangalore as schizophrenic to some followers, while presenting her as a divine soul to others. Such actions betray the trust of their followers and reveal their true nature.

However, deceit does not last forever. These pseudo-gurus, who exploit the time, energy, and faith of innocent devotees, will eventually face the consequences of their actions. Just as Krishna tolerated Shishupala's offenses only up to a point, Baba will not let these fraudsters continue their exploitation indefinitely. Karma will catch up with them, and they will face the repercussions of their misdeeds.

To those affected by this pseudo-guru, do not fear. Baba's grace is far more powerful than any half-baked Siddhis they might claim to possess. Continue to reach out to us for support, and remember: why fear when Baba is here.


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